The Sphinx position

The sleeping position also called (‘The Lion’s pose’) is when your dog is sleeping with its head on the top of their paws. The dog can also fall asleep in the sphinx pose by tucking their front paws and putting their back legs on the side. The meaning of this position is that the dog is taking a rest, but it is not in a deep sleep and it is ready to bounce up and engage in other activity (like playing or barking).

dog at sphinx position

Side sleeping position

Dogs enjoy to lay on their side. Dogs usually sleep in this position with their legs extended and bellies exposed. The meaning of side sleeper position is that the dog is feeling protected, safe and enjoying being relaxed. They are feeling the most comfortable and secure in this position.

dog sleeping on his side

The Superman (Superdog) position

The superman position is also called ‘’Sploot’’. It is when the dog is sprawled out on the ground and pressing to the floor with its belly, with its back leg behind, and front legs spread forward. The meaning of this position might mean that they are feeling hot and lying like will cool their bodies.

super dog

Curl up in a ball position

Dogs sometimes curl up in a ball position. This sleeping position is pretty common. It is when the dogs fall asleep all curled up in a ball, from the tail to the head. The meaning of this position is that they might be cold and want to preserve their internal body heat. When they are all curled up in a ball they protect their vital organs and attempting to get the warmth they need.  

dog curl up in a ball

The Little Cuddler position

The little cuddler sleeping position is when your dog is sleeping on a top of you. It is one of the cutest positions especially because of the their way of showing you that they can protect you and provide you security and affection as they receive it. The meaning of this position is that the dog is trying to bond with you and get closer to you. It’s a sign of love and cherishment, a bond between the dog and you, a connection not everyone can have.

cuddling dog

The burrows position

The burrows position is when your dog sleep under anything near them (like clothes, blankets or pillows…). The meaning of this sleeping position is that they might burrowing under clothes, blankets or pillows because they are seeking comfort or security. It might be a way to distract themselves and minimize the noise or light just like humans do before going to sleep.


The tummy up position

One of the most adorable sleeping positions is the tummy up position. It is when your dog is laying on its back with its legs in the air and their belly up. The meaning of this sleeping position is that your dog complete trust in you and their environment. Even though this position for them might be the most vulnerable position to sleep in (if outside), with their full trust in you they will feel secure and truly comfortable and relaxed.

dog with his tummy up

Back to Back with your human position

Back to Back with your human position is very similar to the little cuddler position. The dog places its back next to you in order to cuddle up and be close to you. The meaning of this sleeping position is a sign that you are the one that makes the dog safe. Also is a sign of affection, love and comfort.

back to back dog sleeping

Head and Neck Raised on a surface position

The Head and Neck raised sleeping position is a little concerning. If your dog is sleeping with its head and neck raised on a surface, it might mean it has some breathing issues. But don’t worry, just keep an eye on your dog and watch for the symptoms. If you notice some worrying symptoms like fast breathing rate, or its breathing is noisy call your veterinarian and he or she will tell you what to do. These were the dog favorite sleeping positions! More facts that you need to learn about dogs and their sleep can be found if you continue reading this article!

neck up dog sleeping position


Understanding dog Sleep Patterns

  • REM and Non-REM Sleep: Dogs, like humans, go through different sleep cycles. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is the stage where dreams occur, and muscle activity is inhibited. Non-REM sleep is a deeper, more restorative phase. Interrupting REM sleep, where dreams happen, can be disorienting for your dog.
  • The Importance of Quality Sleep: Quality sleep is essential for your dog’s physical and mental well-being. It aids in memory consolidation, energy restoration, and overall health.

Gentle petting can be comforting for some dogs, helping them relax further and reinforcing the bond between you. It’s a gesture of affection that many dogs appreciate. Pay attention to your dog’s body language. If they appear tense, startle easily, or show signs of discomfort when you pet them during sleep, it’s best to refrain. Every dog is unique, and their tolerance for touch during sleep varies. Respect their boundaries and preferences.

Choosing the right time to pet your dog is crucial. Gradual and gentle petting as they wake up from sleep can be less startling than doing so during deep REM sleep. Petting around the ears, neck, and shoulders is often well-received by dogs. Avoid sensitive areas like the paws or the tummy.

Balancing Affection and Rest for a Happy Pup

Petting your dog while they sleep can be a loving gesture if done with care and understanding. It’s essential to be mindful of your dog’s sleep patterns, respecting their space, and recognizing signs of discomfort. By following proper petting etiquette, you can strike the right balance between showing affection and ensuring your furry companion gets the quality rest they need.

Every dog is unique, so observing their individual preferences and reactions is key. Whether you choose to pet your sleeping dog or let them enjoy their dreams undisturbed, your love and consideration contribute to a happy and well-rested pup. Hope you like these dog favorite sleeping positions.

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