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American Water Spaniel

Lovely little dog who originates from the Midwest region of United States. The American Water Spaniel is medium-sized and has muscular body. With those traits is the right fit to hunt or jump from canoe or a skiff. It has double coat which is water resistant and webbed feet which help the dog swim so naturally. This dog breed is active and energetic. They love a good swim. If you like this, then the American Water Spaniel is an ideal fit for you!

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A rare French dog breed with the nickname ‘’Mud Dog’’. (as he is drawn to chase birds into muck and water). It is popular since Henry IV, when his mistress was chastised for bringing a Barbet to church. This rare breed was designed to retrieve waterfowl for hunters. Having a waterproof coat gave him a reputation for braving even in cold waters.

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Labrador Retriever

One of the most popular breed dogs in the world is the incredible Labrador Retriever! It is known to be bred to retrieve waterfowl under difficult conditions. He is an ideal friend to join you for a swim. The Labrador will happily spend the day elegantly swimming and retrieving from the water. He has double dense coats which help him to swim into cold water. Labradors have strong and powerful legs, and webbed feet which make him excellent swimmer.

chocolate labrador is a water dog

Flat-Coated Retriever

A cheerful dog with athletic body with a plenty of energy who requires a lot of exercise. It originates from England and it is also known as ‘’ Wavy-Coated Retriever “. And guess what? The ideal exercise for him is swimming! With his webbed feet he can move through mud and water. He can’t slip and has straight and long beautiful coat protects him from all types of harsh weather and water.

white labrador retriever is one of the breeds that love swimming

Irish Water Spaniel

This lovely companion is one of the oldest spaniel breeds, developed in Ireland in 1830s. The Irish Spaniel has a naturally water-repellent coat (consisting of dense curls). Helps him to float in water and has webbed feet. These characteristics make this dog breed excellent for waterfowl.

Irish Water Spaniel love swimming

English Setter

Enthusiastic and fearless dog breed who will go swimming just for fun. The English Setter was developed in the 16th century in England. His long silky coat is usually called ‘’feathering’’ due to fringes the coat forms along his body. Unlike the other breeds mentioned above, the English Setter does not have webbed feet nor double coat. With the right training and exercise those dog breeds have the potential! They can become confident swimmers and to feel comfortable in water.

English Setter love to swim

German Shepherd

A dog breed who wasn’t bred to swim. They are courageous and have naturally athletic body. Once you introduce them to swimming, be sure that they won’t be happy to get out from the water! Even though they were not naturally bred to swim, he has a great potential to be good swimmer. His strong muscular legs, double coat and long snout allow him to swim faster. To stay warmer for longer and to breath easily while they are swimming.

German Shepherd not much of a dog swimmer

Lagotto Romagnolo

A medium-sized dog with a muscular structure. It has the origins from the eastern part of the Romagna sub-region of Italy. His name derives from the word ‘’lagot’’ which means ‘’Water Dog. He has thick and curly waterproof coat. Webbed toes that help him go through water with stability and retrieve fowl in chilly water.

Lagotto Romagnolo is a water dog


A rare adorable breed from Great Britain developed to hunt otters along the English rivers. What makes the Otterhounds perfect water dogs is their long, rough waterproof overcoat and oily undercoat.  They have deep and thick webbed feet that provide them to swim for several hours. Also they during a hunt can cover a great distances in the water.

Otterhound is great swimmer

Portuguese Water Dog

Super-bright and smart dog originally bred to be fisherman’s helper in the Algarve region of Portugal. The Portuguese Water Dog job was to retrieve broken nets and lost. To retrieve items from the water, and sometimes deliver messages between boats. These remarkable pals are natural swimmers due to their webbed paws and thick, curly coat which is waterproof. That makes them the best companions to do the water work!

Portuguese Water Dog love swimming


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