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Chihuahuas are tiny dogs, in a size of a pint, so small they can fit in a lady’s purse. They might weight no more than 6 pounds, but they have huge hearts. In spite of the fact that they are passive, they still need some amusement. Play and other activities to keep them happy and content. If you meet their needs, they would be pleased to nestle in your lap.


Maltese dogs are gentle, intelligent and playful friends weighing up to seven pounds. This type of breed is known for its non-shedding silky coat, being affectionate, responsive and very bright. It is suitable for living in small areas and considered to be hypoallergic. They are ideal pet for living in small households with minimal exercise needs. Get lazy together and enjoy being comfortable.



Pugs are charming and cute little chubbies with round body and short legs. Because of their flat faces they suffer from brachycephalic syndrome. That is why you can hear them snoring out load. They don’t have high energy levels, and easily get tired. Which means that when you go out for your daily walk, make it short!

Boston Terrier

Boston terriers have funny personalities that will keep you amused. Due to their proneness to breathing problems and to overheating keep them active in amounts they need. They are enthusiastic and enjoy playing fetch! The Boston Terriers do need to sleep for a longer time. From 12-14 hours per day, and 18-20 hours if they are puppies or older dogs. There is a reason for Boston Terriers sleeping so much! Their metabolisms are fast and burn their energy more quickly. That makes them ideal companion to sleep comfortable in your bed!

French bulldog

French bulldogs are also in a size of a pint! They adore to snuggle up on your lap only to take a nap! Meeting these charming dogs can make your idea of having a perfect pet come true! Even a short walk can make them tired. Due to their malformations in their upper airways, leading them to have breathing issues. They are very adaptable and perfect for living in small apartments and great companions for elderly and single people.


Dogs with large eyes and huge hearts. They might be small, weighing up to 14 pounds but they do have big personalities. You cannot see them running around much, because their body is long and their legs are short and bowed. What makes them comfortable is sitting on their owner’s lap. Despite the fact they are not fond of exercise, these little donuts can be carried by owners everywhere.

dog sleeping in bed THE MOST LAZY DOG BREEDS

English Setter

The English Setters are larger but extra gentle. They might be large, weighing around 75 pounds but love to show love! They enjoy curling up with their parents while taking the afternoon nap. Most of these dogs are adopted as indoor pets because they tend to be lazy when they are at home. What is interesting about them is the contradiction between their behavior. When they are inside, they just want to sit down or grab the bed. When they are outside they don’t want to miss the opportunity to run and play.

Shih Tzu

The most popular small-sized dog is the Shih Tzu. The Mandarin translation for Shih Tzu is ‘’ A Little Lion’’. They are known for their outgoingness, being friendly and responsive. They are doing just fine! If you live in a small apartment and they are small enough to fit them anywhere. A small walk of 30 minutes around the block is enough to keep them healthy and satisfied.


Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers might not be so lazy, but they are good companions. If you are seeing yourself as a couch potato! These gentlemen dogs are easily satisfied! They kept busy for hours if you give them chew toys. They are low-maintenance because they require just short walks. Their only desire is to make you happy, so why not having a Boston Terrier as your companion?

Great Dane

If you are looking for larger but lazy dog, the Great Dane is the right choice for you! Compared to other smaller breeds, they have low energy level and do not need a lot of exercise. You might find the Great Dane sleeping between 16 to 18 hours per day. During the hours they are awake they will show you only affection and love! Being lazy and loveable make them a true Great Dane!

We recommend to learn how to know when your dog is to tired? Or check these lazy dog breeds on Wikipedia!

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