You can check with this dna tests how old exactly your dog is!
from what kind of breeds he comes!
you can test if your dogs got any allergies and many more with these dna ancestry tests!


Connect the dots for a deeper bond

Dog dna ancestry tests are discovering what makes your furry friend so unique.
Learn more about the breed traits and ancestry that makes your dog!

The Head of the Pack

DNA My Dog uses the latest scientific tools available to connect the dots for pet parents. Mission is to forge deeper bonds between people and their pups it is invested in the future of DNA analysis.

The developed tools allows to be responsive in providing the latest genetic science in an affordable and timely manner. It is offered the latest in canine testing. This includes the first canine telomere genetic age test!
Other important is the deceased dog DNA test and other helpful tools for your furry family.


Inside Our Laboratory

Behind every test are the expert scientists and next-gen technology.


Better Science. Better Results!

Our leading canine genetics laboratory is comprised of three distinct testing facilities. The laboratory utilizes controls and quality checks to make sure that state-of-the art results for each test are performed.

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Testing and Biochemistry

The DNA testing laboratory utilizes microarrays and the latest proprietary bioinformatics programs. This is to ensure the providing of timely and accurate breed identification and age results.

Our biochemistry testing laboratory is used to perform our Canine Allergy Test. Utilizing the latest in enzyme linked immunoassays, we are able to provide actionable results designed to help your dog. The technology used is similar to human allergy testing, but we focus our efforts on the pet population.

DOG DNA steps

The third part of the laboratory is the research laboratory. There is designed and implemented new testing protocols for current and future testing. Innovations such as the Deceased Dog DNA Test and the patent pending Canine Genetic Age Test were developed there.

The success they had with our Dog DNA Ancestry tests is great! They look forward to introducing some of their next innovations to you soon. If you are interested and don’t want to miss any latest products, subscribe to their website!

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